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Why do I need Radon Mitigation System?

Randon Mitigation system

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 4 Pc/L of radon as a cutoff point between acceptable and not acceptable level of radon. If your house has more than 4 Pc/L of radon in the air, you and your family continuously being bombarded by alpha particles. If you live in that property for a long time you increasing your chances to acquire lung cancer. I would strongly recommend installing radon removal system in your house if the level of radon is measured around and above 4 Pc/L.
Based on EPA statistics, Radon is found in all of the 50 states. About 1 out of 15 homes in the US has high radon levels.
The largest misconception about Radon is that only old houses have high concentration of Radon.
Would I need to test my radon level if my house only two years old?
In many instances newly build houses have higher concentration of radon than older dwellings.
The geology of the soil where house is built plays an important role in determining the concentration level of Radon gas. Radon is a gas that moves through the ground towards lowest resistance. If you have two houses side by side, one might have high concentration of radon and the other might not. The house that has higher concentration of radon might have cracks in foundation, sump pump gaps where radon can easily escape into the basement. Based on Environmental Protection Agency research 1 in every 15 households in the United States has higher concentration of radon, that is equal or more than 4 pC/Liter.

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